Meet The TagWell Team
Harshila (Sheila) Malhotra

Harshila Malhotra, NYU graduate, serial entrepreneur has successfully founded, established, and exited multiple businesses that cater to the consumer. Her background is in B2C consumer-focused businesses ranging from retail fashion, manufacturing, real-estate and the food industry.

Sheila started her entrepreneurship at the age of 18 with her first successful women’s high-end retail boutique in the heart of NYC. Her private label line of knits were well received by celebrities and the discerning clientele. Sheila leveraged this interest in her brand by manufacturing the knits for a larger audience and contracting overseas. In 2000, she successfully sold and exited to focus her energy on her family.

With a passion to cater to the consumer, Sheila continued her ventures into other successful businesses. She currently has established a chain of 5 fast-casual food establishments. Her most recent one being in California. As a successful retailer, restaurant owner and mother, she embraced the advancements that technology brought to her businesses and to her overall quality of life, but as a creator, Sheila struggled with one simple thing that was missing from our lives: “the ability of technology to bring back those face-to-face interactions where small group activities were part of our everyday lives.”

Sheila’s inspiration for TagWell comes from a personal need to have a better quality of life, to unplug and to enjoy the world around us by engaging more in activities such as fitness, art and culinary experiences. Her mission is to create easy and affordable access to life enhancing activities that are hosted by various individuals who are experts in their field.

Chris Bradicich
CEO & Co-Founder

10+ Years in Private Equity Focused on Health & Technology Sectors.

Led Due Diligence on Buyout of Expert Network Gerson Lehrman Group ($1B+) 5 Successful Wellness Technology Angel Investment: BestMe, Pavlok, KettleSpace, WFPF, MindSciences.

Kamlesh (Kani) Devjani
Chief Technology Officer

Kani is an early “millennipreneur” who distinguishes himself as a hands-on tech lead developer having a passion for innovative technological projects. He is proud to be the backbones of his newest promising venture, TagWell, where technology is used in an innovative way to enhance the quality of life. Armed with over ten years of experience in developing PHP web applications, Oracle PeopleSoft Interactive Hub (Portal) servicing 70k+ users at New York University application access security, email marketing, API management and project management, he now brings his IT expertise and wealth of knowledge to the growth of TagWell.

Kani has his BS degree from New York University in Business & Technology Management and MS degree from Baruch College in Computer & Information Systems. He recently managed multi-million dollar ERP solution implementations to helping small business owners establish their web presence. His passions include photography, videography, and media production. Kani currently resides in Long Island, NY with his wife and two young sons who challenge him daily.

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