Five Fitness Classes in NYC for $15 or Less
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New York is notorious for expensive everything, down to the gym memberships.

While some chain gyms can boast a $10 membership fee, no one wants to deal with their poor customer service, the several hoops to cancel a membership and a cancellation fee.

The bells and whistle of an Equinox-esque gym may be what you dream of, but your wallet could be saying otherwise.

If you really keep tabs on the wellness scene in NYC, you can find the cheap and even free workout classes that fit your lifestyle and needs.

Here are five of the most unique ones going down in NYC this month.

1. The Rise NYC-Manhattan HIIT

Mondays may be your worst nightmare, but it’s better to look at it as an opportunity to have a fresh start to your wellness regimen for the week. Meet Rise NYC at Washington Square Park North near the fountain every Monday for a HIIT tabata-style class at—yes—6:30 am. For 30 minutes at no charge to you there are only three rules: 1) Anyone can do it. 2) Everyone is welcome. 3) You will have fun. You can book the class here.

2. Floss Dance Fitness Event

If you haven’t heard, the Floss dance is a viral sensation. Just one boy, his backpack and a weird dance move changed the world overnight.

On Sunday, September 23 from 1 to 2:30 pm, you can join the TagWell team, Katie Barlow Dance Projects’ artistic director Katie Barlow and the original cast of the Floss dance fitness video to celebrate the launch of their wellness app and platform. No dance experience is required, just your funny bone and $5, and you’ll get a free T-shirt in return. The location will only be revealed when you sign up for the event through the TagWell app, so download it now, or sign up here!

3. Anderson’s Martial Arts-Muay Thai

Consider the class an art form—that will basically make you a Street Fighter character—rather than just a fitness course. Try out Thailand’s national sport and martial art Muay Thai, known as ‘the science of eight limbs.” Get fitness and self-defense classes wrapped into one on Saturday, September 1 from 7 to 8 pm for just $10. Snag your spot in class here.

4. Hudson River Bike Rental

Now that the summer is winding down and the temperature is getting cooler, this is the perfect time for a bike ride. You can pick up a bike for just $14 at Bike Rent NYC (452 West 45th Street) from 8 am to 8 pm all week. You’ll get a free bike helmet, a bike lock and bike map with your rental. Just make sure to bring an extra $100 as a security deposit to be returned to you upon return of the bike. Book your next bike rental here.

5. The People’s Bootcamp

A bootcamp is as scary as it sounds, but it’s definitely worth a try. On Tuesdays and Thursday throughout September from 6:30 to 7:15 pm, join this high-intensity bodyweight training. If you’re looking to sweat off the pounds, this no-nonsense class is for you, no matter your fitness level. It’s just $15 per session in Studio A on Tuesdays and Studio B on Thursdays at 939 8th Avenue. Sign up for the next session here.

Head over to TagWell’s app or website to book all of these awesome classes. The easy-to-use wellness marketplace provides seamless access to wellness throughout NYC. You’ll get to check out videos and images of these sessions before booking to make sure they’re the right fit for you. Once you book, you’ll meet all your fellow attendees and the instructor through a chat to ask any questions you may have to be ready for the session. There’s no worrying if you’re prepared or qualified, just all-around fun and good health.

Get Active. Get Social. Live Well with TagWell.

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