Five Steps Proven to Lead You to a Happier, Healthier Life
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Humans have an interesting way of falling into slumps throughout their lives.

Our own personal struggles mixed with the issues of our families, friends and global community can bring us down a path of negativity.

This stress, especially on a long-term basis, can wreak havoc on our bodies and minds, creating an entire maelstrom of sadness and unhealthiness.

According to the National Institute of Mental Health, “over time, continued strain on your body from routine stress may contribute to serious health problems, such as heart disease, and other illnesses, as well as mental disorders, like depression or anxiety.”

However, in many cases, we can tackle this stress head on to avoid reaching this point or worsening our current conditions.

Here are five steps you can take to live a happier and healthier life:

1. Get mindful


Meditation has been known to change your brain while giving you some mental R&R. A study conducted in 2009 by the Laboratory of Neuro Imaging at the UCLA School of Medicine and the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Jena in Germany found that meditation could increase gray matter and the hippocampus in areas that regulate emotions and self-control.

Mindful meditation has several benefits, including a boost to your focus, attention span, ability to multitask, memory, creativity, overall productivity, social connection and compassion for others. There are so many pros, you probably lost your breath reading that sentence!

Innovative apps, like TagWell, can connect you with professionals and others seeking stress relief. You can book a session with a professional who can lead you through the process in a safe and knowledgeable way while bonding with others who share the same stresses and goals you have. You can find one here.

2. Seek out a life coach


I sense your incredulous eye-roll, but hear me out! Life coaches are professionals that work with you to tap into your full potential.

If you look at this as training like for a sport, you’ll get right on board. An accredited life coach works with you to boost your social presence and productivity through exercises, much like a personal trainer would.

Also, they treat you like their true friend to make you feel comfortable and willing to change for the better. With a life coach’s help, you can overcome stressors, like social anxiety and fears of failure, while enhancing your confidence to accomplish your goals and dreams.

TagWell lets you search for accredited life coaches like these and book sessions in seconds. You can even watch videos to see how they work with clients and read reviews to see what past clients say about the experience. You can check out the list here. (

3. Speak with a nutritionist or meal planner


Your diet and mental health tend to go hand in hand. For some people, stress causes them to overeat while, for others, stress can make them lose their appetite.

In other cases, your diet can affect your mental health on a molecular scale. For example, eating too much sugar can not only increase your weight, but also slow down your brain, impair memory and learning, contribute to depression and potentially lead to dementia.

Working with a nutritionist or a meal planner can help you change up your diet in a safe and healthy way with professional direction. She/he can also help you find yummy recipes with the foods that are healthy, but still keep your tummy happy.

Book a session with a meal planner today on TagWell to find the diet for a happier and healthier lifestyle.

4. Join a fitness class


Often it is hard enough to get out of bed in the morning, let alone head to a gym to work out. But fitness is detrimental to living a healthy and happy life.

Harvard Health has even confirmed that regular exercise reduces insulin resistance and inflammation while improving memory and thinking skills and decreasing weight and blood pressure.

Also, fitness can help keep you energized during the day and get you ready for bed at night, creating a better night’s rest. Ultimately, fitness, no matter if it’s kickboxing or dance, can boost productivity, get you pumped to complete goals and leave you a happy camper.

TagWell has a full list of fitness courses in your area. You can book directly through the app for everything from kickboxing to dance and sports. You can also chat with hosts and see if the class is the right fit for you. Get moving through app here.

5. Grow your social network


What better way to relieve stress than to make new friends! Connecting with people who share similar goals, perspectives and hobbies gives you a big boost in self-esteem and happiness.

According to a study from Stanford University conducted in 2017, our brains release bursts of oxytocin during positive social interactions and creates a sense of reward. These new relationships also make your brain resilient from decline because stimulating brain activity, like thinking, feeling and reasoning, build up healthy brain cells and new connections between neurons.

These new relationships also allow you to develop senses of purpose and responsibility for others. These feelings will protect you from harm by convincing you to avoid taking many risks and feeling lonely.

If you’re looking for a way to expand your social network, TagWell is the app just for you. Choose from an array of wellness sessions, book directly through that app and start chatting away with other attendees. You’ll be making friends—and getting happier—in no time.


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