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We have no doubt that martial arts can help change and enhance your life: Mind, Body, and Spirit Come in and start your martial arts journey with us. $10 Trail!...

Sessions available between:

Mon May 27 2019 to Wed Jun 26 2019

Anderson’s Martial Arts

412 Broadway, NY, New York, USA

Up to 35 spots, each session

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Yin Yoga is a grounded, deep, meditative floor based practice where we hold postures for 3-5 minutes. There are no standing, balancing, or inverted postures. We will have the support of blankets, bloc...

Sessions available between:

Thu May 23 2019 to Thu Jun 27 2019

Yin Yoga with Kristen

236 Richardson Street, Brooklyn, NY, USA

Up to 10 spots, each session

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