$ 115

Meal Planning 101 for Vegan Newbies / Vegan Curious

You've just decided to become vegan! Or maybe just curious! First question is always: "Err... how am I going to feed myself?" "Am I going to get enough protein?" "How do I make a meal just out of... plants?" In this 2-hour session, we will: - Discuss your overall health goals to build a meal plan that fits your lifestyle, and build your shopping list! - Tour the Union Square GreenMarket to learn about the various vegetables, and how to make the most of what's in season; - Tour the Whole Foods across the market for the remaining items not available at the GreenMarket; - With the items in hand, we'll finalize your meal plan and the support you need to keep it going! You will discover a whole world of exciting and yummy combinations you never thought were possible! For the session you will need to bring: - At least $25 cash for the GreenMarket (Many of the vendors take credit cards, but some don't!) - Credit/Debit Card for Whole Foods - Two (2) cloth bags for your groceries (recommended) - Notebook/pen or iPad if you'd like to take notes!

Session available between:

Sat Oct 06 2018 to Sat Oct 06 2018


East 11th Street, New York, NY, USA

Up to 1 spots, each session

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